Nichijō - 日常

Nichijo Cover

Hey, it's been a while! Today, I want to talk about anime again. Besides the fact that I finally watched Attack on Titans (and you should), I heard about Nichijō. It appeared to me like a reference or something, so I jumped into it. And what a weird encountering it had been.

The plot... I guess there is no plot. You just take a bunch of people, mainly high school girls and somewhat connected to each other, and watch them live. The episodes are composed with many short scenes that are independents but sometimes references are made to the past. And that's pretty much anything I can say about it.

If you happen to love absurd scenes like I do, I advise you to watch it right now, you won't be disappointed. And just for you, here's a glimpse at my favorite scenes (don't worry, you can't really be spoiled).

I think 通 (tooru) means transparent, that's why she overreacted when hearing the word. But I have no clue for the small/short dilemma.

As a bonus, she gets back there to trick her friend a few episodes later.

And a last very funny one:

If you want more, you could check out the mosquitoes scene, or simply watch everything. ;)