5 French Pop / Punk bands you might wanna know about

I don't really know how is seen the French music scene abroad and some people might want to discover some interesting local bands. As I am (really really) into punk related music, this is the only thing that I'll share with you now but there's plenty things to discover everywhere!

Guerilla Poubelle

Punk from Paris. Started in 2003.
That band likes to criticize the living society, that's why I considered them pure punk (that and the loud guitar and rough voice). They sing mostly in French but it happened they released songs in English. I think this is one of the best French punk reference (they toured all around the world).
They're part of the Guerilla Asso, which gathers lots of punk artists (even from abroad).

Les 3 Fromages

Funny pop punk from Quiberon, Brittany. Started in 2006.
Originated from Brittany where I come from too, these guys are cool! Litterally "The 3 cheese" (referencing a pizza name in case you didn't understand :P), they do funny (and sometimes dirty) pop punk rock inspired by Green Day, Offspring and Blink-182. Their most known song is a pray for a cheese-based French dish called "Tartiflette".


Punk from Paris.
This band is one of the many projects Guerilla Poubelle's member can have (you can easily recognize one of the singer's voice). Completely pop punk, their lyrics are funny and the songs catchy. I like them for that and the crazy movie clips!

Sons Of O'Flaherty

Celtic punk from Vannes.
With one of Les 3 Fromages's member (yeah I know, they all play in each other's band), this band makes interesting music as they use traditional instruments like tin whistle or even bagpipes. Inspired by bands like Dropkick Murphys or The Pogues, they mix Breton music, folk songs and irish classics.

Poésie Zéro

Punk from outer space.
I wanted to put this band because they have a really funny weird way to do their communication. They're always pissed off about everything and shout at the public that they're idiots. Sometimes you think they're trying to educate you about society, but sometimes they're just yelling at you. This still makes me laugh.

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